The Barton,
North Tawton,
Devon, EX20 2BB


01837 880390
01837 880391


Business Hours:

0800 - 1600 (deliveries)
0800 - 1700 (office)

Weekends by arrangement

Who We Are

We are proud to be one of the first companies to have been founded locally, for the specific purpose of recycling in Devon.

Until recently all forms of waste were regarded as “rubbish”, mainly collected for disposal to landfill, by established waste companies. Little thought was given to the increasing volumes being buried in the countryside, or the permanent disposal of the planet's diminishing resources. As country dwellers, increasingly concerned by the debris accumulating around us, and the waste of natural materials, we determined to do something about it.

We provide an alternative, in offering a service concentrating on recycling not only the well known materials, such as newspaper, and milk bottles, but continuously exploring the possibilities of salvaging as wide a range of materials as possible.

All our excellent staff are local, and trained within our business.