The Barton,
North Tawton,
Devon, EX20 2BB


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Business Hours:

0800 - 1600 (deliveries)
0800 - 1700 (office)

Weekends by arrangement

What We Do

As a local company, our objective is to offer a comprehensive service to businesses and community sectors at every level, both in the recycling itself, and in advising our clients on the wide range of materials which can be recycled. The requirements of every client are important, whether small, or a full vehicle load.

In recent years there has been a significant amount of legislation on recycling and disposal (see ‘The Waste Regulations’). Costs have also escalated sharply, particularly of landfill. We offer advice, updates, and if required, site visits, to help with compliance issues, and limiting the costs expended on waste.

Collections are scheduled to suit the client, and vary from several times per week, to ‘on request’. We currently accept over 50 different products and materials (see “Acceptable Products’) which are checked for cleanliness standards and type segregation, before being baled and sent to recycling mills or reprocessors.

We monitor developments in new facilities and techniques for reprocessing materials, particularly those regarded as "non-recyclable", and have established links with other recycling service providers and reprocessers.

We also provide contracted services to other recycling companies, both local and further afield.

Do we operate “Zero To Landfill”?  No, as a recycling company we operate better than that. 
The percentage of our received material which we can not recycle is below 0.001%.

“Zero to Landfill” is industry jargon and means sending (normally mixed) waste streams to incineration, 20 – 30% of which becomes ‘bottom ash’.  Some of this can be put through screening processes and be used in aggregate, and the rest, containing dioxins, organic carbon, heavy metals, sulphur and other chemicals, some having changed their composition during the heat process, is landfilled. 

Incineration is not recycling:  it is classified as Recovery.