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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is most commonly used for packaging of electrical and fragile consumer goods, some food packaging (e.g. fish boxes) and insulation panels in building construction.

As it weighs very little, but is extremely strong, its use is actually rather environmentally friendly, enabling big savings in transport (weight) costs and ease of handling. EPS is inert, and its excellent thermal properties make it valuable for preserving the freshness and essential qualities of foods, medical supplies, etc. and reducing food waste. Hence there is a lot of it about!

EPS is 100% recyclable, into new material, and this is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly and economical disposal method. The alternatives for disposal, are landfill or incineration, neither of which is actually recycling. Both are disproportionately costly because of the large transport space necessary to transport very little weight. That in itself has an environmental cost, especially as a considerable amount is transported to Europe for incineration.

PWS is the leading recycling facility in the Westcountry, for EPS, offering the most eco-friendly and economical disposal, and we can either collect or accept delivery to our premises. Here, we have equipment for compacting the material into bricks, to the effect that up to fourteen articulated truckloads can now be transported by one truck, and furthermore, it will all be processed into new material, greatly reducing the need for virgin materials, energy and environmental impact. .

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