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Products Accepted for Recycling

Please note that we do not accept contaminated/soiled products, Black Trays or Carrier Bags, food or residual waste. If these are contained in your recycling, we have to return them for your disposal. There will normally be a charge for this.

Plastic Products.

Plastic Films
LDPE Clear (Shrinkwrap/Stretchwrap)
LDPE Coloured
Bubble Wrap

Silage Wrap
Please ensure that Silage is shaken out and stored under cover - Charge £130.00 Per Tonne delivered to our premises.

Rigid Plastics
PP Buckets
HDPE Drums
MD & HD Pipe (inc Gas & Water)
HDPE Extrusion Pipe
PP Crates
HDPE Wheelie Bins
PP or PS Plant Pots & Trays
Polypropylene Corrugated (Corex)

Bottles Types (Household Plastic)
HDPE (Milk Bottles)
PET Bottles (Drinks)
Bottle Lids

Other Grades
Polypropylene Bags (Clean)
Plastic String
Plastic Pallets (PP&HDPE ONLY)
Detergent, etc. containers (triple washed)

Paper Products
Cardboard (Corrugated)
Kraft Bags
Office Paper, Inc Envelopes
News & Magazines, Pamphlets
Board Mix (Cereal/Cake Boxes)
Cardboard Tubes

Tin Cans (Washed Only)
Steel (Small Sizes)

Expanded Polystyrene (Mainly used in packaging electrical goods)
We now offer a full service on Deliveries & Collections of EPS

Security Shredding
Please contact us for more info.

If you have WEEE items for recycling please contact us to make arrangements for its recycling

We welcome enquiries, if you have any other products or materials not shown. Just give us a call.